A beautiful and sad quote about mortality by Haruki Murakami

your name

All names fade away, of course. We can say that much for sure.

But there are many ways for this to happen. First there are those whose names fade the moment they die. They’re the easy ones. We mourn their deaths: “The river ran dry and the fish died out,” or “Flames covered the forest, roasting every bird within it.” Next there are those  who go out like an old television, leaving white flickers that play over the face of the tube until suddenly, one day, it burns out completely. These aren’t bad, either: sort of like the footprints of an Indian elephant that’s lost its way. No, definitely not bad. And finally there’s the type whose names fade even before they die…

from “A ‘Poor Aunt’ Story” in Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman by Haruki Murakami


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