Waiting…and waiting…and waiting…for Spring


Blue skies. Pretty flowers. I am ready for spring.

I am SO done with winter! Saturday night in Toronto it snowed again and the temperature was a -13 (8.6 F) when I first went out yesterday morning. Today, it’s a balmy -19. I would cry but the tears would freeze on my face! There is no cure for this kind of malaise – except spring itself!!

So I’ve been trying to bring a little spring into my life in other ways:

1. I attempted to cheer myself up by searching for gardening blogs on WordPress. Sadly, all it did was make me jealous of those of you who are already seeing your garden come back to life. (Although I did find a way to turn a cable spool into an awesome DIY composter at http://backyarddiy.wordpress.com!) But no sign of life in my garden. Here’s what my front garden looks like right now:

photo 1_1

My front garden on March 2, 2014

2. I went through my seed packets and salivated at the thought of planting those sweet delicious seeds in only a few weeks when March Break arrives.  It made me feel a little better (until I had to shovel the driveway).

3. I’ve taken up a new hobby to bring spring inside: ORCHIDS! Which means that for the last few weeks ALL of my library borrowing has been Orchid books (5 in the last week).  Here are the orchids I’m trying to grow keep alive:

My green Phalaenopsis (moth orchid)

My green Phalaenopsis (moth orchid)

My Oncidium (Twinkle 'Fragrance Fantasy')

My Oncidium (Twinkle ‘Fragrance Fantasy’) – this smells AWESOME!

My Orange Cattleya

My Orange Cattleya

So, for this Book Jacket Letter installment (because what I’ve learned is that each orchid growing book is a variation on the same theme) – I wrote one quick note that I could replicate and hopefully use to cheer up the receiver with origami – especially if they live somewhere cold! And because thoughts of spring and origami are heart warmers – like kittens, licorice and brown paper packages tied up with string – I made origami pop up cards. Let me know if you want the instructions.

Each card says:

Spring is Springing! (or Spring has Sprung!)

Hope this flower brightens your day as much as the thought of spring brightens mine!


And if anyone out there knows any orchid tricks (like how to stop a pseudo-bulb from wrinkling), let me know because I’m not quite sure of what I’m doing!

Origami Pop-up Cards!



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3 responses to “Waiting…and waiting…and waiting…for Spring

  1. It’s a funny feeling that us gardeners get at this time of year –
    just itching to get on with planting, pruning and tidying…
    Emma 🙂


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