Malcolm Gladwell (ooooh that hair)

Malcolm Gladwell has been called a lot of things in the past 20 years: ‘brilliant’, a ‘liar’, a ‘teller of tales’, an ‘excellent’ and ‘convincing’ writer. But, let’s be honest – the first thing we think of when contemplating the writer of The Tipping Point is his hair! Here is my first book jacket letter for Gladwell’s latest book David and Goliath (which I am currently digesting at a glacial pace) – a list in honor of that crazy hair!

Malcolm Gladwell’s Hair:

  1. must have been the butt of every electricity joke at his primary school
  2. deserves its own Edward Lear poem
  3. features prominently in the first paragraph of anything written about him
  4. defies gravity, conditioner and standard door frame height
  5. acts as the intelligentsia’s version of the hockey helmet
  6. generates 23,800 results on Google
  7. inspired his book Blink, about first impressions
  8. inspired others to make their own first impressions about him – ending with speeding tickets, special attention at airports and an interrogation by three NYC cops.
  9. has its own Facebook page. Seriously.


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