wtf reply

On the very last day of 2013, I received a great gift – a reply from a stranger who found one of my notes in a CD borrowed from the library. It was my 3rd OFFICIAL REPLY, and it made me feel all warm and tingly inside. So, Thank you, Max Senitt of Toronto! You brightened my day and my year when you sent me an email letting me know you found one of my first notes (from March, 2013) about the “ignorant fool” who filed Gregg Allman under jazz and wrote me an equally concise response:

Found this one. Yes, Jazz? WTF indeed! Happy new year!

Now I don’t know Max from Adam, but he must be an awesome guy because:

1. He took the time to respond to my note!

2. He not only responded but also included a photo of the original note! (With his hand attached…and parts of the floor!)

3. He’s a professional drummer in Toronto and that is just awesome in itself! If you are interested in seeing him live in Toronto, go to his website at maxsenitt.com and check him out. I might even try to make it out to a show because one good turn deserves another!

Thanks Max!


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