Book Drop: Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe Diaries goes to Kansas!


Context for this Book jacket Letter: I sent Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe Diaries to Kansas, as part of a Christmas card exchange organized through It was such a fun exchange!


Dear reader,

Greetings from Canada! If you are reading this letter, this book drop has been successful! Before you begin to read, here’s a little bit about the book…

I liken Stuart McLean to a pair of old slippers: they might not be flashy or cutting edge, but they are dependable, comfy, and the best thing for a Sunday morning. For this reason, he may not be known as one of Canada’s greatest authors; but in the nearly 20 years since he created the radio show The Vinyl Cafe, he certainly has become a national treasure.

The Vinyl Cafe was developed as a radio variety show, featuring musicians from coast to coast. But the highlight for many listeners was the story McLean wrote, read and shared each show. The stories featured Dave, the owner of The Vinyl Cafe, his wife Morley and their family’s hilarious adventures that end with strong moral messages. In fact, if Norman Rockwell had been a writer, he would have sounded a lot like Stuart McLean: funny, human, quirky, and wholesome.

Vinyl Cafe Diaries is McLean’s fourth Vinyl Cafe installment and features one of my favourite Holiday stories: “Christmas on the Road”. If you’ve never read him, I urge you to check out one of his many books or download podcasts  at Then sit back in your rocking chair (or any chair) and relax, because you’ll be smiling in no time.

Have a lovely holiday,



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