Aimless Love, new and old poetry by Billy Collins


The cover photo: I can’t tell you how perfect I find this image for Aimless Love!

Aimless Love is Billy Collins’ new collection of poetry – featuring some new poems and many old favourites.  I think he’s a wonderful contemporary poet; in fact, my very first Book Jacket Letter was written to him (see it here).  I wanted to share his poem “Reader” with you, because it’s not only the first poem in the new book but also because it’s such a perfect poem for the WordPress community. At the very heart of it, we’re here because we love words, we love to read, and we love to share those loves with everyone else. Here’s the best Book Jacket Letter I NEVER wrote:



Looker, gazer, skimmer, skipper,

thumb-licking page turner, peruser,

you getting your print-fix for the day,

pencil-chewer, note taker, marginalianist

with your checks and X’s

first-timer or revisiter,

browser, speedster, English major,

flight-ready girl, melancholy boy,

invisible companion, thief, blind date, perfect stranger –

that is me rushing to the window

to see if it’s you passing under the shade trees

with a baby carriage or a dog on a leash,

me picking up the phone

to imagine your unimaginable number,

me standing by a map of the world

wondering where you are –

alone on a bench in a train station

or falling asleep, the book sliding to the floor.

– Billy Collins


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