Who Are You, Pam Morgan?

imageDear Pam Morgan,

I was about a third of the way into Bossypants when I realized that there was a wad of paper jammed in between two pages. Turns out Pam Morgan, that you and I had jury duty summons for the same place at around the same time this year. In fact our court appearances in September were only 5 days apart. I’m sorry I missed you. How do I know I missed you? Well, while I left a book on the front steps of the courthouse (see posting here), you left your personal information in a book. So, Pam, I’m writing to put your mind at rest; I have shredded all the of the personal documents you left in this copy of Bossypants, including your juror slip, your questionnaire, and the letter from the CEO of your company. If no one steals your identity, you can thank me.




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4 responses to “Who Are You, Pam Morgan?

  1. Pam Morgan is a very famous folk artist/song writer in Atlantic Canada. She was the lead singer in an award winning group called Figgy Duff. I heard her interviewed on local radio only a few weeks ago.


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