What Makes My Heart Sing: A Message in a Bottle

the letter sent by Jori Phillips and Mark Dickson's reply

the letter sent by Jori Phillips and Mark Dickson’s reply

This morning I was listening to CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation) Radio and there was a news item story that instantly grabbed my attention and my heart. It’s the story of Jori Phillips who wrote a letter when she was 7 and put it in bottle and sent it out to sea. 15 years later (on October 28th this year), Mark Dickson was walking on the beach and found a large plastic bottle. He picked it up with the intention to recycle it when he saw that there were papers in it and a new, unsharpened pencil. He retrieved Jori’s letter and another (there were actually 2 letters in the bottle) and (melt your heart) he responded.

It’s a great story – the ‘message in a bottle’ theme never gets old. I can imagine Mark Dickson’s smile of surprise as he read the letter. It also reminds me of Ruth in A Tale for The Time Being by Ruth Ozeki, one of my favourite 2013 reads (see my post for the book here). And, when I read the comments on the CBC website (link below), there were a few postings that talked about writing or receiving letters in a similar way, like Woomba, who wrote:

We need more stories like this.
We have written notes and tied them on tumble weeds in Texas New Mexico Arizona and southern Alberta.. Like in the western movie starring Sam Elliott/Katherine Ross. No replies yet…ha

I agree. We DO need more stories like this.


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