Who are you, Andrew Martin?

Do you know Andrew Martin?

Do you know Andrew Martin?

While I have only ever found ONE note in anything I’ve borrowed from the library, I constantly find printed due date slips that are ages old, or bookmarks. This week I found a business card for Andrew Martin. So I Googled him and I checked LinkedIn, and I can’t find anything about him.  But the real question is: why did someone reading Journey to the West by Wu Cheng’en, use his business card as a a bookmark. Were they reading Chinese Mythology in the hardware store where Andrew works? Did they meet ‘Andy’ socially and tuck his business card into the book they were reading at the time? And lastly, is it really creepy if I call the number on the card? Scratch that last question, I know the answer.

So, no letter today – but I did put my email on the business card and left it inside!


FYI, this translation of Journey to the West is weak. Don’t bother.


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