Chicks with [Musical] CHOPS

Alice Russell's new album is awesome!

Alice Russell’s new album is awesome!

I mean it in the way Christina Aquilera uses it: a super powerful singing voice that still manages to ooze soul and sex. And let me tell you, Alice Russell has CHOPS and then some on her new CD To Dust. Russell is British and soulful and makes me want to wear silky nightgowns in the middle of the day.

I’ve listened to the album about 5 times now, and my favourite track has to be “For a While”, followed closely by “Let Go”. It’s an awesome album, and it got me thinking about all the other chicks with [musical] chops I enjoy. If you like Alice Russell, here are some other female phenoms you may (possibly, already) like:

Jully Black: a Canadian R&B singer, best known for “Seven Day Fool” off the Revival album (I think it’s an Etta James song). Revival and The Black Book are my favourite of her albums.

English: Jully Black

Jully Black (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Florence Welch: I love Florence + the Machine!!!!  It’s great painting music – as in painting the walls. I think my last reno was accomplished through the sheer energetic power of Florence Welch!

Florence Welch while performing an act with &q...

Florence Welch in Amsterdam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Melanie Fiona: Another awesome R&B artist from Canada. I love her album The Bridge. She’s right on the verge of releasing a new single called “Cold Piece”.

Melanie Fiona.

Melanie Fiona. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nina Simone: Words cannot capture the amazing voice this woman had. Listen to “All that I ask” – it will break your heart!

Français : La chanteuse américaine Nina Simone...

Nina Simone in concert. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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