YA: Sharon Creech’s Walk Two Moons (1994)

Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech

Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech

I’m contemplating using Literature Circles in my Grade 7 classroom this year, so I’ve been pulling a lot of YA books out of the library in the past weeks to see if I can find a few really good ones that follow The Hero’s Journey (our thematic focus for the year). So, I’m pretty sure I’ll be writing a lot of Book Jacket Letters about YA in the coming months – which is great because you can never read too many good YA books. If you have any recommendations, let me know! (The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Laughing Sutra are on my list already)

this week I read Sharon Creech’s book Walk Two Moons. The inside cover indicates the book is meant for kids 8-12. I would disagree – some of the issues raised are a little too emotionally difficult for an 8-year-old to navigate without help. But 10-13 sounds about right. It won the Newbery Medal, and that is a medal I trust when choosing books for my students.  Here’s the letter (geared towards a YA student)

September 7, 2013

To the next reader of this book,

Walk Two Moons is about telling stories:

the stories we tell to pass time and information on to others;

the stories we make up to test our imagination; and

the stories we tell to ourselves when we aren’t ready to tell the real story.

It’s a great read, with a little bit of romance (but not too much), some humour, and some great characters and mystery thrown in. You probably won’t cry (a lot) which is good because who wants to drip over the pages? But I’m willing to bet that you’ll be surprised by the climax and resolution. I know I was!

I really liked Salamanca and thought she was a pretty amazing girl. After you read Walk Two Moons, I would love to hear from you – to see if you think this is a good choice for 7th graders!

Have fun,




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2 responses to “YA: Sharon Creech’s Walk Two Moons (1994)

  1. The age guidelines are always so hard. I know 4th graders that can handle a lot of ‘older’ information, and 9th graders that can handle none. Having never read Sharon Creech before I can say that I really enjoyed it as an adult! Maybe I’ll read a few others. Thanks for the feedback!


  2. Walk Two Moons was one of my favorite books growing up. I read it in the fourth grade and it wasn’t too much too handle at the time (though I think you’re right about 8 being a bit young). I definitely think it’s something I would have appreciated at 12 too. Actually, I LOVED all of Sharon Creech’s books growing up. Sounds like the kids in your class have a lot of good reading to look forward to!


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