Enjoy the last drops of summer: “Sunday Morning” music

I love Sunday mornings

September 1, 2013

As I sit here drinking my coffee, I realize that the mere act of sitting while drinking coffee is a luxury I won’t have come Tuesday morning. On Tuesday, life as I know it ends. On Tuesday, I go back to school. And if I even manage to make a cup of coffee on Tuesday morning it will be nothing short of a miracle. Still, at this moment, I am totally calm and relaxed. Why?  For some reason, all the CDs that came in this week at the library are what I consider “Sunday morning” picks: those lovely tunes that make me feel especially happy to be alive and to enjoy the small things like the paper, a coffee, and the sun. Here are the albums and my favourite songs on them, in case you ever need to recapture the “Sunday Morning” feeling:

Ed Sheeran

While I am getting a little sick of “The A Team”, I loved almost every song on this album, although I’m still not sold on the up-beat and slangy “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You”. I’ve always had a soft spot for the guitar-playing solo artist, and Ed Sheeran has the added bonus of writing good songs! The long runs of lyrics over the melody are awesome (see moments in “Lego House” for what I mean).

Country, God or the Girl

Ok, I admit it. I’ve never before listened to a full album by K’Naan, but ever since “Wavin’ Flag”, I’ve been following his music and career. Country, God or the Girl came out last year (2012), and it’s a really well-produced album. In this day and age, how can you not enjoy uplifting music about important real-world issues? R.Q., I know, but you can’t not like it!

Alicia Keys
Girl on Fire

I have every Alicia Keys’ album, but it took forever to get Girl on Fire from the library (I’ve had the hold for months and months – so that’s a testament to Keys’ talent and broad audience). She has one of the most soulful voices I’ve ever heard, and she is an amazing artist!  If you ever get the chance, take a look at her spoken word on Def Poetry; it’s pretty awesome!

With that in mind, here is my Sunday Morning playlist – that pays homage to all of the artists above. And if you like them, you will like the others below!

Sunday Morning Playlist:
“Lego House” by Ed Sheeran
“Same Love” Macklemore & Ryan Lewis with Mary Lambert
“Red Hands” Walk off the Earth
“Bulletproof Pride” K’Naan featuring Bono
“That’s When I Knew” Alicia Keys
“On Top of the World” Imagine Dragons
“Carry On” fun.
“Chariot” Gavin Degraw
“Midnight City” M83
“More Time” Needtobreathe
“Haven’t Met You Yet” Michael Buble
“Beautiful Goodbye” Maroon 5





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3 responses to “Enjoy the last drops of summer: “Sunday Morning” music

  1. Amanda

    btw finding your letter made my day 🙂


  2. Amanda

    Can I take the letter? Or should I leave it in the CD?


    • Amanda, Feel free to take the letter, to leave the letter, to photocopy the letter and leave that. It’s totally up to you as you are now the ‘owner’ of the letter. Or take my letter and write your own!
      I am so glad you responded and my letter made your day- when I got back late last night, you made mine!


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