The book that received my first official reply!
The book that received my first official reply!

When I first started Book Jacket Letters, I convinced myself that the entire project was a personal quest, and that if no one read my blog, or responded to my blog, I wouldn’t get too down about it. And so far, I’ve been pretty happy. People read and like some posts, don’t like other posts, ignore posts, leave comments on posts, loathe posts, support posts…you get the point. BUT TODAY I RECEIVED MY FIRST OFFICIAL REPLY. That means that a book I read and wrote a letter about was found AND someone replied!  I’ve been waiting for this to happen for months. In fact, I hoped to receive one reply before 6 months had passed, and it made it under the wire – at 5 months and a few days. So, thank you Trevor for making my day, and the past six months!  Here’s the letter:


I arrived at An Bang Homestay on July 26th and stayed only a night, though I could have easily flopped on that daybed all summer. Your book traveled with me from Hoi An to Sapa, and back to Hanoi, where I had been living since June as a medical research assistant, and solo traveler, far from home.

Your book now sits next to me in my bedroom in San Francisco, where I returned this weekend. I started my second year of medical school yesterday, and already miss my journey.

I plan to leave the book somewhere in the city, for someone else on their own adventure, but am still searching for the right place.

Thank you for your note. I hope you continue to leave them wherever life takes you.



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