Some Nights (By FUN) remind us of high school

We Are Young

Here’s the typed version:

In October of 2011, I was sitting on stage at the high school where I teach for the Grad. ceremony.  A stream of elegantly clad young men and women floated across the stage, and a song I’d just heard for the first time kept repeating in my brain. The song was “We Are Young” by FUN. It struck me at that moment as the perfect High School reunion anthem. I mean, #1, it celebrates youth and the amazing power young adults have at the instant they strike out on their own after high school:

we are young
so let’s set the world on fire
we can burn brighter
than the sun”


#2, it celebrates old friends (the ones who know your baggage and bullshit). Also, the ones you think you have to leave, only to find that you CAN come home to them later in life:

“but our friends are back
so let’s raise a toast
cause i found someone to carry me home”

#3, it speaks to the fact that we do stupid things in high school and those are the things people will ALWAYS remember (and yes, I do regret shaving my head in Grade 11) even though we all are so much more than the stupid things we did back then. And we all carry scars though they aren’t always physical. And we all hope to find a better place than the bad place from our youth, and we all hope to find a place as safe as the safest place from our youth.

I really love this song.



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