The “Last” Game of Thrones


All everyone is talking about lately is Game of Thrones. Like “Did you know the last episode of Game of Thrones was the most illegally downloaded episode ever?” or “Just when I think the story can’t get any more violent/disturbing/murderous, it does.” Even my 7th graders are talking about it. In fact, some of the boys have created their own code using Game of Thrones: instead of swearing or talking about sexual acts, they’ve starting referencing pages. Like, “You know how I feel about that? Page 89 of Book 1!!!!!”  It’s just too much! But the ultimate question is: what do you do when you’ve finished reading the books? Find a another series, of course! And almost any series by Bernard Cornwell is a good choice. But The Grail Quest series is proving to be the best choice; written in 2000, it is the LAST Game of Thrones.

I was only very recently introduced to Cornwell’s work by a colleague. It turns out he is a very prolific and well-regarded writer. He has written at least 5 series drawing on historical events. So, how have I  never heard of him?  Well, the truth is, I wasn’t much into historical fiction (with the exception of Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett – one of my ALL TIME faves) – but I read Harlequin last week, and really, really, really enjoyed it. I’ve just started the 2nd book, Vagabond. If you like anything to do with the Holy Grail, this is the series for you. The writing is softer around the edges than George R. R. Martin’s books, and grounded in reality – not fantasy – but if you liked GOT, you will like Cornwell.




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