Dear Sexy Nerds of the World,

Me, my stack of library books, and a sexysmart technology guru

Me, my stack of library books, and a sexysmart technology guru

[A letter I wrote on the back pages of Content by Cory Doctorow – a 2008 collection of his essays on technology, copyright, etc.]

May 18, 2013

Dear Sexy Nerds of the World,

You know, the more I think about it, all Clark Kent had were the glasses. I mean, he was more nice than brilliant, and he wasn’t even interesting (in the original movie anyway). And today’s geeks as presented by The Big Bang Theory can’t even touch sexy. But lately I’ve been reading more about technology on and offline, and I’m suddenly finding the sexy nerd is alive and well (and even multiplying) in both milieux. What do I define as sexysmart? Smart, attractive, amazing writers with a crazy brand of humour and creativity that only people who wear licensed t-shirts have. And in the past month, I’ve found not one but TWO sexysmart brainiacs who are TOTALLY worth following (and I mean that in a cult-like way).

Obviously, Cory Doctorow is first on my list. He’s published awesome and insightful articles, sci-fi, and is generally a smartsexy guy. I just finished reading this book and I was engaged from beginning to end, so you’ll love it. Some of the articles are a bit dated, but considering they’re about tech., this 5-year old book holds up pretty well. The most interesting essay is called “Wikipedia: A Genuine H2G2 – Without the Editors” – and I love how Doctorow explains the role of compromise on Wikipedia in a way that is inclusive for all levels of techno-wizardry.

Secondly, if you don’t know Ze Frank, you need to meet him. HE IS the craziest social experiment online. Watching his Ted talk on his web projects was what convinced me to start this library project and keep it going.  He’s inspirational on how to be creative in the face of technology. I dare you to go to his site and NOT respond to one of his prompts.

Now tell me – what other sexysmarts do I need to meet?



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