Why I Really Love Spin Class

Nostalgia 77April 21, 2013

I took my first spin class more than a year ago. I couldn’t walk for three days. But I sucked it up and went back the next week. I’ve been an avid spinner ever since.

Some days I wonder why I go.  Like the day I sat behind the guy who kept farting and I nearly passed out from holding my breath for an hour. Or the day the man with the worst body odor ever sat between me and the fan. Or the day last summer when the A/C blew up and the studio was 100 degrees before class started.

So, why do I stick it out? Well, besides the spinning high, I LOVE THE MUSIC!

My spin instructor, Paul, has also been my musical mentor for the last year. He often throws us some obscure blues track or German industrial/metal tune, but no matter what, the class is always anchored by excellent classics and something new.

A few weeks ago, Paul played an AWESOME cover of The White StripesSeven Nation Army by Nostalgia 77 featuring Alice Russell. I immediately rushed out to get the song from iTunes and get my hands on anything by the band or Alice Russell. The Saint-Germain-des-Prés Café compilation came up and there are some great tunes on it. I’m still waiting for Alice’s new album.

I love it when I find new music that I would never find without help. Thank you Paul, for opening up my world (and torturing me once a week)!



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