The Immortality List (who should live forever)

Fahrenheit 451April 19, 2013

I finished reading Ray Bradbury’s book Fahrenheit 451 today, and it was a great read. It made me think of all his other works  I’d read by him, like Something Wicked This Way Comes  and one of my lifetime fave short stories, “A Sound of Thunder” . His contributions to fantasy, science fiction, and the entertainment world in general, have been HUGE. He was an incredibly gifted and prolific writer, and it’s such a shame that he died last year. I remember being really sad – thinking he had so much more to offer. In fact, if I were given the power to immortalize writers because of the contributions they could make in the future, Ray Bradbury would be in the Top 10.

But why stop with writers? Why not consider all greats, dead or alive? Ok, I’ll start…but feel free to add!!

The Immortality List (in no particular order):

Ray Bradbury

Sappho – poet respected by Plato. Need I say more?

Leonardo Da Vinci – the true Renaissance Man

Isaac Asimov – modern Renaissance Man

John Lennon – I think he would have continued to change the world of music

William Shakespeare – or Edward De Vere or Christopher Marlowe – whoever you consider him to be

Kufu – the greatest architect of all time!

Oprah Winfrey – I won’t defend her. She’s done good.

Stephen Hawking – can’t even begin.

Mozart – I can’t compose a note in my head – he composed symphonies!

Who would you add?


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One response to “The Immortality List (who should live forever)

  1. I really enjoyed your immortality list. It definitely made me think who I would include. I’m just not sure, bah!


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