Letter to the girl who wants to be Marilyn Monroe

Letter #2 Marilyn Monroe

March 21, 2013

To the girl who wants to be Marilyn Monroe,

The first thing I should tell ya is, it’s not worth it. It didn’t end well.
But you won’t listen; it won’t stop you from dreaming about her life as your life.
So, if you really want to be the next Marilyn, let’s get on with it.

Many will have an opinion: what to do, how to act, what to wear, how to talk, how to sing “Happy Birthday”.
They’ll tell you to “become the hourglass” and to “speak like a breath”.
They’ll show you how to waggle a finger, and wiggle your ass.
They’ll say, “Start small; after all, she was once just Norma Jeane! Pencil in a beauty mark!”
Or, “Change your hair colour from mouse to marvelous.”
Or, Pack on a few pounds and practice your pouty face.”
But that is only mimicry.

Honey, if you really want to know how to seduce the world – men, women, children alike –
Soften your eyes, turn your head just ever so slightly, and
look at every person you meet as if they hold your hopes and dreams in their eyes.

If you can master that then you are Marilyn.

Take care,

Libby Letters


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